Manfred Pernice


29.04.2021 – 05.06.2021
Manfred Pernice

>accrochage< titles Manfred Pernice’s eighth solo exhibition at Galerie Neu and presents new sculptures as well as work groups of the past 15 years. Instead of illuminated and clarifiedinteriors, visitors enter an exhibition space as a quasi-storage room in which they encounter thesupposedly familiar. Pernice’s signature style corpi, such as the “Dosen” (cans), “Stapelungen”(piles), “Casetten” (casettes), and “Barrieren” (barriers) the artist has developed over thecourse of his 30-year practice, here require an intensified gaze, not least for the given lightingconditions. Thus, in their novel staging, they unsettle the traditional perception through which individual sculptural bodies are usually recognized and perceived as self-evident. Pernice’sAccrochage is marked by processes of taking stock, sorting through, editing, repurposing andinvention, that is, of organization, cesura and reset.

Similar to his characteristically relativizing exhibition titles such as “Restepfanne“(left-overpan), „exscape”, “liquidation 2.2“, or “neue Arbeiten”, in >accrochage< Mp implies a revokedgesture of showing. Through this, the artist creates a new distancing from the form–thatof everyday life as well as from its use and effect within its form range per se. Rather thanexhibited, the works appear merely placed, the motifs and goods that constitute them aretested for their suitability to grasp and reflect a multidimensional present. In accordance withthe physical principle of superposition, several dynamics overlap here without blocking eachother out. An implication of gesture takes place, a “view of beholding“[1] - Mp shows Manfred Pernice.

The artist’s recombinational inventorizing by the artist of specific series and attendant themesmight be reflective of the new economies besetting the idea of a “work-life balance” in a stateof sporadic locking down and opening up. The well-worn notion and method of accrochage thus attains new urgency in light of the recent temporal and spatial restructuring of ourdwellings and our domesticities, their function, and their contents—that is, in light of theirvalues of use as much as of exchange. In taking up the notion of the “Holzweg” (going off-track), Mp confronts his systems of order such as “Verdosung,” (“cannification”) “Peilung,”(“bearing”) and “Brei”(“pulp”) with an infrastructural matrix of stacks, clouds, and noise.

Manfred Pernice (*1963 in Hildesheim) lives and works in Berlin. He studied graphic-paintingat Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig and sculpture at Hochschule der Künstein Berlin. Since 2012, he has led the class “Objekt-Bild-Hauerei” at the UdK Berlin. Pernice’swork has been shown at the Venice Biennial, documenta and Skulptur Projekte Münster 07,among others, as well as through solo exhibitions in international galleries and instiutions suchas the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Institut D’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne, Museum Ludwig,Cologne and the Secession, Vienna.

A monograph accompanying the exhibition will be published. Both the exhibition and publication are kindly supported by the initiative Neustart Kultur by Stiftung Kunstfonds.

[1] (German: “Schau des Schauens”) see Gölz, Klaus in: Ausst.-Kat. Manfred Pernice, Düren/Berlin, 2008

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Installation view, Manfred Pernice, >accrochage
Installation view, Manfred Pernice, >accrochage<, Galerie Neu, Berlin 2021
Manfred Pernice Prototyp Kreuzung Antalya, 2016 metall, colour, bicycle lock 96 x 58 x 58 cm 
Manfred Pernice Vita Activa, 2016 Fiberboard, paint, garbage bag, garbage 80 x 43,2 x 43,2 cm 
Installation view, Manfred Pernice, >accrochage<, Galerie Neu, Berlin 2021