Tom Burr - Jack Pierson

01.12.2006 – 28.02.2007
Tom Burr Jack Pierson 01 Galerie Neu

In their first collaborative effort, Burr and Pierson have initiated a project in which each artist has produced a new series of work in response to – and about – one another. In a set of drawn and painted portraits, Jack Pierson portrays Tom Burr and in a suite of new sculptures, Burr portrays Pierson through objects that refer to specific Pierson works (such as Silver Jackie from 1991) or to the act of portraiture itself. We will present this dialogue between the two artists from December 2nd 2006 to January 2007.

Since their first meeting in the early 90s in New York, both artists have exhibited internationally and each has developed a distinct body of work. Tom Burr’s work uses a severe language of shapes based on Minimalism that explores the space between the public and the private and questions the critical and structural potential of art. His works also resituate sexual constructs, analyzing gender deferments and homosexuality. This is where his work meets Jack Pierson’s, who approaches sexuality and homosexuality through diverse mediums (photography, installations and painting) and discusses the limits of visibility and invisibility by projecting and juxtaposing personal experiences and those of close friends.

The conception of this exhibition takes an interesting turn when instead of drawing on the parallels of their artistic production, Burr and Pierson capitalize on their differences. In the show at Galerie Neu, both artists ultimately delve into deeply personal investigations of their own past, present, and future through the dialogue that emerges from the separate but parallel trajectories of their lives and careers.