Karl Holmqvist


18.06.2021 – 31.07.2021

Galerie Neu is pleased to present #SAVEYOURTEARS…, Karl Holmqvist’s third solo exhibition with the gallery. 

The exhibition features new series of works that continue the artist’s investigation into abstraction and written and spoken language (and numbers!) setting up an interplay between the improvised or spontaneous and the premeditated, the colourful and the achrome.

Building on the traditions of found and concrete poetry, Karl Holmqvist’s inventive visual re-renderings of repetitive blocks of words, signs and numbers takes here various forms including posters, wall drawings, high flow acrylics and prints on canvas, sculptures, neon and sound installation. Borrowing from generic types of speech or written word, ranging from common sayings to literary or art references, from popular music to political activism, Holmqvist repositions these sampled fragments in new contexts, allowing for ambiguity and double meanings to emerge.

The exhibition coincides with the publication of Karl Holmqvist’s collected poetry book #GIVEPOETRYATRYCOLLECTEDPOETRY1990-2020…, integrated in the exhibition. Some fragments thereof can also be heard through the spoken word sound installation and read on blown up pages turned into a light sclupture and wallpaper. 

Happy pride 2021. Stay safe. #SAVEYOURTEARS…